How to choose a restaurant?

For a business lunch, Sunday brunch with your family, or a large-scale celebration you would like to choose a worthy catering facility, and not to overpay. After all, even the availability of discount gift cards online will allow you to get the most favorable conditions when visiting the restaurant. What should you pay attention to, choosing a restaurant or cafe for pink reasons? Here are some simple rules.

Business lunch

If you have to talk about work issues in the middle of the day, it would be wise to find a place with a good business lunch. The selection criteria are quite simple: the institution should have a comfortable parking lot, there should be no music in the hall itself (or it should sound quiet enough so that you can talk calmly). At the same time, the lunch menu itself should be more or less diverse and include a choice of at least three salads, three soups, two main courses, and several drinks – both cold and hot. It is normal, if special kinds of tea and coffee or alcoholic drinks are taken out of the lunch menu. If possible, “test” the institution in advance – it is not normal, if the dishes from this “business lunch” will have to wait longer than five minutes after receiving the order by the waiter.

Romantic dinner

In this situation, the atmosphere is no less important than the dishes. Choose a restaurant with the possibility to at least symbolically isolate yourself from other visitors: it can be tables, placed in niches, micro rooms, located on different levels, or even symbolic arbours. Music – quiet and lyrical – is welcome. This, by the way, is an important point – there is nothing worse, if during your dinner you hear strange music from the speakers.

As a rule, during a romantic dinner drinks are more important than dishes: check the bar card in advance (often it can be done online) and find out if the wines, cocktails or strong alcohol are suitable for you. And also – sorry for the earthiness – how much it all costs. It is no secret that the restaurant earns its main profit from drinks.

Still, if this dinner is extremely important for you, and you want everything to go perfectly, do not be lazy to look in advance in this restaurant, ordering, say, a cup of coffee, and check the level of service, as well as the bathroom. Sometimes, such a primitive detail, such as not quite a clean and fresh toilet, can spoil the whole mood. And the rudeness of waiters in general may cost you a relationship.

Family brunch

You can gather the whole family and go for a full brunch, which is offered at weekends by many establishments. The requirements to the institution are obvious – there should be a relatively large menu, adapted for a two-year-old girl, and for a thirteen-year-old teenager, and for the eternally hungry father of the family, and for edentulous grandmother. Children’s furniture must be stable and safe, and ideally a children’s corner with animators, so that parents can float their children there and talk to them in peace. Good restaurants also supplement the brunch menu with a detailed list of products from which the dishes are prepared, and mark with asterisks potential allergens: for some families it is an important moment.

If you want to have a tasty dinner and not to spend a lot of money, you should ask about special discount programs in the restaurant. For example, you may need a special gift card With this card, you will have the opportunity to visit a famous Italian restaurant and get the best prices. If you can pay full attention to all these issues, the process of choosing a restaurant will be simple and clear. So take a moment to give our advice and your dinner will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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