Main CS:GO maps in competitive mode

Competitive mode in Counter Strike Global Offensive is very popular with players. This is due to its rank system, unique gameplay and, of course, the variety of locations where the action takes place. Often, this mode provides a scenario where you need to set the bomb and clear it. It should also be noted that the list of these maps is regularly updated. You can get more info at

For example, the developer removes the map from the list in order to rework it, change it and return it again. This has happened more than once. For example, with de_mirage, de_nuke and many other maps. In this case, the developer tries to create the same list of maps as those used by professionals. This is necessary to ensure that players and professionals were about the same wave and have the same knowledge about the gameplay

  1. De_dust2. The most popular card, whose main action takes place in the Middle East. It is popular since the prototypes of Counter Strike series. You can find two bookmark points on it.
  2. De_train. The only map, the main action on which takes place in Russia. Here users will be able to fight on railway tracks. The whole location corresponds to its name: around only trains, you can jump on them, set the bomb and of course hide.
  3. De_inferno. Map, whose main action takes place in Italy. There are two points where you can plant a bomb and there are many scenarios of rounds. This is an open enough place where the user can show his tactical ingenuity to 100%.
  4. De_vertigo. This map took a place de_cache, which is under development. On the map, the user will be able to get to a multi-storey complex with offices. The map is not very popular, and users want to return de_cache instead of it again. The reason for this is the lack of balance, the possibility to die by taking the wrong step.
  5. De_mirage. The only card that can compete with de_dust2 in its popularity. It boasts a perfect balance, two bomb mark points and a bunch of different landscapes. As well as de_cache, it has been sent for recycling and we only have to wait for its return to the game.
  6. De_overpass. It is quite old and at the same time huge location, where the actions take place on the overpass. It has literally everything: parks, subway, secret passages, tunnels.
  7. De_cobblestone. A gloomy but attractive location, the main action of which takes place in a castle.
  8. De_nuke. Especially popular, but unbalanced location. Here is a scenario with laying a bomb and the main action takes place in the future, when the world has destroyed nuclear weapons.

Reaction in CS:GO

In Counter Strike Global Offensive, the individual qualities of a particular user are especially important. One of them is the reaction. It is the reaction that will help the user to react to the shooting of his enemy. In this case, the reaction will allow you to catch the enemy in the most unexpected moments, using only a fraction of a second to shoot him. In the gameplay the outcome is able to solve literally every second, hence the need to acquire a reaction. In fact, the reaction can be developed in many different ways. It is possible to proceed to the parsing of the most interesting of them.

How to train the reaction in CS:GO

Of course, the reaction can be developed using third-party sites. For example, in order to improve the reaction factor in Counter Strike Global Offensive, you can use a specialized site, which provides the user with five modes to improve the reaction. In addition, such sites have been working and functioning for over 10 years. During this time, it has developed to an unprecedented scale, thanks to which users have gained knowledge about a good tool for reaction training. You can also use

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