Roll Forming Roofing Machinery

Scientific and technological progress does not bypass the building materials industry. New technologies in the production of building materials appear, and with them modern building materials and equipment for their production. Such building materials as metal tile, decking, profiles for fastening drywall, profiles for siding, ventilation structures, gutters and many other materials are made on the profiling equipment.

These are special machines, consisting of a heavy base, a power unit and a set of rollers with rolls attached to them. The power unit may be pneumatically, electromechanically or hydraulically driven. Depending on the type of production, Stangroup company profiling machines are of different sizes and occupy different surfaces.

Rollers in profiling machines are installed one after the other and are called stands. A machine can have between eight and twenty-four of them. To give the required shape to a flat sheet of metal, it is passed through the stands several times. Production line for the production of profiled sheets includes a device for longitudinal and transverse cutting of metal, uncoiler, receiving mechanisms, conveyors and accessories.

Equipment for profiling can be divided into three categories:

  1. Profiling machines, which shape a smooth sheet by rolling that sheet through forming rollers.
  2. Profiling machines that shape a smooth sheet by bending it.
  3. Profiling machines which shape smooth sheets by punching, or pressing.

Modern machines are equipped with numerical control and are integrated into an automated control system. The use of such equipment makes it possible to produce excellent quality products in accordance with the requirements, saving material resources and time, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

Profiling machine advantages

  • Versatility – profiling machines allow you to perform a wide range of cut material sizes and thicknesses.
  • Mobile – Profiling machines are very easy to transport and relocate. The small size of the machines makes them easy to transport to the construction site. In addition, the low weight allows you to perform the production of elements of roofs, facades directly on the roof.
  • Compactness – Profiling machines have relatively small overall dimensions and allow performing the same functions as rolling or bending machines with minimum time expenditures.
  • Time-saving – Profiling machines are less time-consuming to set up.
  • Ease of operation – Profiling machines are less demanding of material cutting accuracy than any other type of sheet metal processing equipment.
  • Affordable price for effective equipment.

In the design and manufacture of new samples of the best metal spinning machine, taking into account the advice of professionals. Profiling machines are designed so that it is possible to repair their assemblies and units, which increases their service life.

Corrugated sheets of galvanized thin sheets are produced on profiling machines. Corrugated sheet, in contrast to the corrugated sheet, has a small wave height. Corrugated sheet has a wave height commensurate with its own thickness of the sheet. Corrugated sheet is obtained in the process of passing a thin sheet between two forming rollers. These rollers make up one rolling stand. Machine for the production of corrugated sheets is single-, double- and multi-stand.

Corrugated sheet has no clear standards, so it is corrugated according to their own specifications. In the tin production corrugated sheet is used as a substitute for a thicker metal to thinner. In addition, the appearance of the sheet itself changes, as does the product.

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