The Best Wood Furniture Polish

Wood furniture can be difficult to keep clean and nourished, but a good wood furniture polish can make the task easier. The best furniture polish removes dirt, stains, and water-soluble dust from wood surfaces to restore their luster and protect them from future damage. These products also conceal scratches and scuffs and lend a sheen to bare or sealed wood.

The best furniture polish for you depends on your wood’s finish and how frequently you want to maintain it. For everyday furnishings like tables and chairs, you’ll want to use aerosol or liquid polishes to remove scuffs and dust without the need for a lot of buffing. For other furnishings that get a lot of wear and tear, however, you may need to invest in semi-solid or paste waxes to keep them looking their best.

A good furniture polish will lift dirt and give the wood a smooth, matte-to-high-gloss sheen that’s easy to wipe away with a cloth. You can choose from a variety of formulas and options, including oil-based, emulsion, and silicone polishes.

Silicone polishes are best for furniture with a varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finish; they produce a hard, slick film that repels dust and leaves a glossy sheen on the surface of the wood. They’re compatible with a wide range of finishes and work well on light-sealed and dark-sealed wood, including mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut, and other woods.

Compared to oil-based polishes, which leave a thin, oily film on the wood, silicone polishes are more dust-repellent and repel dust-borne allergens. They’re a great option for people who struggle to keep their wood furniture clean or who have allergies and asthma.

The Pledge brand makes six-in-one wood, granite, leather, quartz, and steel polishes that can be used on various sealed surfaces with a single spray. These sprays are convenient to apply, and they’re safe for everyone in the home (as long as you don’t have a sensitivities to fragrance).

Old English Wood Conditioner and Cleaner is our favorite product for cleaning, conditioning, and polishing light-sealed wood furniture, including cabinets, tables, chairs, and cutting boards. This formula contains lemon oil and mineral oil to moisturize the wood and prevent stains. It also works on oil-sealed or unfinished wood and can be poured directly onto the surface.

Howard Products Restor-A-Finish is an excellent refinishing and restoring agent for stained, damaged, or blemished wood. It removes water-soluble dirt and stains, such as wine and beverage rings, as well as scratches, oxidation, fingerprints, cooking oils, and scuffs. It’s safe to use on a variety of wood finishes, including natural-finish wood and lacquered ones, and it comes in a number of colors.

Parker & Bailey Furniture Cream is another great option for polishing and conditioning wood furniture. This gentle formulation can be applied to a variety of wooden surfaces, such as cabinets, tables, and chairs, and it also nourishes the wood. It features an orange scent and is free of toxic chemicals, phosphates, and dyes.

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