What are the advantages of a freshwater swimming pool?

The dream of many people to have their own pool in a private country house is increasingly becoming a reality. Many people begin to build a pool, and then enjoy all the benefits that gives such a kind of recreation. However, some still succumb to constant doubts – is it necessary to build a pool? 

We have prepared a few basic advantages of building your own freshwater pool, which will convince you of the necessity of such a decision.

Advantages of building your own pool system

So, the first indisputable advantage – it supports the status of the owner of the country house. Agree, a modern, even the smallest, pool on the site – it is impressive, especially if the nearby houses can not boast of such a construction. It is fashionable and aesthetically attractive: the exterior of the cottage is changed beyond recognition, and for the better. Here are a few more of the most relevant advantages of building your own pool.

  • Own pool – a great opportunity to start practicing sports, because the water is one of the most useful for this medium. Here you can learn to swim well, do aqua aerobics, practice holding your breath, play various ball games, among which the most popular is water polo.
  • Cool water is an excellent environment for strengthening the body’s immune system. Regular hardening allows you to make the immune system resistant to a variety of diseases. That is, swimming in summer in the cool water of the pool, you strengthen your health for the future cold and viral season.
  • Home swimming pool – a great place for young children, because you can be sure of the state of the water – every adult pool user will know that it is cleaned to the required standard. Accordingly, absolutely no fear here can bathe the kids, teach them to swim, or play games with them.
  • The decision to build your own pool can be based not on personal preferences, but just on the care of the health of your own kids. After all, at a very different age contact with water for kids is very important. It strengthens their bodies, allows them to learn to swim safely, and helps to strengthen the constantly developing and changing skeleton.
  • The pool is a great opportunity for relaxation without the extra expense of special medications or psychotherapy visits. Half an hour of swimming in cool, refreshing water – and you get rid of stress. It is very useful for people who lead a stressful lifestyle at work, in everyday life.

So, building your own pool is a great way to take care of your health and the health of your children, absolute freedom and a great way to relax.

What is a freshwater pool for health

Indeed, swimming in the pool is prescribed by many doctors, almost no matter what problem you come to them with. The most common conditions that require regular swimming are back problems (various osteochondrosis, protrusion). Swimming really helps to strengthen the muscle composition of the back, thereby preventing the appearance of hernias from insufficiently strong, sagging discs. Even if everything is fine with your back at the moment, you can swim for prevention, because statistically, almost every second person after a certain age begins to have disappointing changes in the spine.

But most importantly, a private pool at home – it is complete freedom, when you can swing your arms wide and enjoy swimming, not floundering with a hundred people in a public pool. You can also learn how to convert a freshwater pool to saltwater to change its properties.

A pool in a private home

The construction of a natural swimming pool inside the house is of course the most convenient, although expensive option. It has many technical nuances, and the violation or neglect of even one of them can lead to waterlogging of the foundation and the destruction of the house structure. In addition, not every soil can withstand such a load. It is obvious that you cannot do without a thorough geological survey. Depth of soil, groundwater table and the nature of the soil – the primary information necessary to determine the type and size of the pool. The next thing to think about – the source of water and the place of its discharge. Most often the first is not a problem, but the second can be. The lack of a body of water or gully can lead to waterlogging of the soil.

The next problem is the location of the pool inside the house. The increased humidity in the pool room forces it to isolate it from the living space. Otherwise, you get all the possible problems associated with high humidity, and the presence of mold is the easiest of them.

Next – the pool’s lighting and heating. Most often the room is equipped with large pool panoramic windows that create the illusion of a real outdoor recreation and wonderful natural light, but this solution leads to large heat losses, which have to be covered by additional heat sources. Heating, lighting and air conditioning of the pool is a significant column in the cost of maintaining the house.

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