Prevention of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction prevention will help a healthy man maintain his sexual health longer. There are many tips that will help you not only maintain normal genital function, but even to some extent to restore it in the presence of the very first symptoms of dysfunction. 

How to avoid erectile dysfunction

Measures of general prevention of erectile dysfunction include:

  • balanced and rational diet, rich in vitamins and trace elements, essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • compliance with the regime of work and rest, above all adequate sleep (it is in sleep that the body restores all its unique self-regulation settings and eliminates “breakdowns” in them)
  • physical activity, sports activities, including outdoors
  • absence of prolonged stressful situations at work and at home;
  • refusal of alcohol abuse (including beer), smoking and taking any drugs;
  • timely prevention and treatment by specialists of diseases that lead to erectile dysfunction (hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, etc.).

We should separately mention the food that improves erectile function and can be used as a prophylactic of its violation: Foods rich in fat- and water-soluble vitamins (olive and sunflower oil, nuts, rosehips, currants, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and legumes), sources of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oil, sesame oil, corn oil) and essential amino acids (milk and dairy products, quail eggs, meat and fish). Of course, we are talking only about natural ingredients, not “immortal” genetically modified foods. It should be remembered that overeating and excessive body weight are also a direct path to potency disorders.

Erectile dysfunction is often a consequence of a disease or disorder in the regulation of erection. Violations rarely occur instantly and permanently. Therefore, at the first manifestations of dysfunction man is advised to seek immediate medical attention, including simply for advice not to miss the moment to start a timely, effective and safe treatment.

You can also use additional medications to help you overcome erectile dysfunction in the short term. You can buy such medications here This will help you regain a normal erection and even increase your former capacity. But the use of such drugs is only a temporary solution, so you should see your doctor.

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